If you have ever been a tenant then you probably know what a bond is but if you do not know then read on. A bond is a security deposit of sorts that is paid by the tenant to the landlord and it is returned when the tenant is moving out. A tenant can get his/her bond back 100% if there are no overdue bills, fees or damage to the property. Allow us to tell you how you can get your bond back fully.

Pictures For Evidence

Before you even move your belongings into the property, take up a camera and snap pictures of every single room and areas that are delicate or are problematic. You can email these to the landlord immediately or just inform him/her that you have snapped pictures to remember the original condition of the property. Once you are moving out, you can adjust the conditions of the property to the original one via the pictures and the landlord would not stand a chance to complain.

Hire Professional Cleaners
One sure way that serves as a ticket to getting the bond back is to hire professional cleaners to do bond back cleaning Melbourne. The team will come and clean your property and the cleanliness depends upon you i.e. you can get every area cleaned or you can just get it cleaned like it was originally when you first moved in.

Eradicate Changes
If you made any kind of changes during your stay then it is very necessary that you eradicate every sign of change that you have ever made. Most landlords are not sweet on changes made by the tenants and consider them to be bothersome so eliminate all changes to get your band back fully.