Technically speaking, pylon & pole signs are sort of a form or related type of freestanding signs. However, they are more specialized and specific to cater certain business needs.The thing about freestanding signs is that it is easier to read from them and people who are on the move can get a glimpse of your business. Total Sign Co. offers both at

Freestanding Signs
Freestanding signs are good for those businesses that want to advertise their business to approach clients and customers outside their business place itself. You can place freestanding signs on different locations throughout Perth so that the people driving by can get exposed to it. Other than that, you can also put it outside your business place so people do not have to wonder what is inside and can read from outside and choose to come in.

Pylon & Pole Signs
Pylon & Pole signs are rather more structured, bigger in size and require a bit more work for the sign company.Therefore, it requires a licensed company to get a certificate to put up a pylon sign. However, as you can read on, they already are in this field and it is not a problem to worry about when hiring them. Pylon & Pole signs are good for those businesses to consider that have rented out a huge place with other businesses operating on the side or within the same business. For example, having different restaurants opened up inside your business buildings will be a good thing to put up or for shopping malls as well.

Fortunately, Total Sign Co. offers both for all businesses so you can choose either one or both of them, according to your business approach.