You might have heard about inversion tables and what they do. If you have not, an inversion table is a tool used in the inversion therapy and it is what you bind yourself to when you are going through the procedure of the inversion therapy. After being strapped on to the table, the table flips backwards and holds you upside down at a certain angle.

The aim of this therapy is to target and eliminate back pain by reversing the effects the body has on the spine. The theory behind this therapy suggests that when you are hanging upside down at a certain angle the pressure is taken off of your back and the body, instead of forcing its weight on the spine, stretches your spine and causes decompression in your back. This aims to undo the damage that the body has done by constantly putting all its weight on your spine.

This therapy has become very popular amongst individuals who suffer from chronic back pains and many have claimed that it has helped improve their health and has prevented the back pain from growing. This is especially good when your need your joints to be stretched along with your back. Body pain can be horrible and stop regular day to day function for many people and that is exactly what the inversion table benefits are supposed to be; reversing that pent up pain. Once inverted, your body is stretched and your muscles are elongated which helps release any pent up stress and pain in your muscles so that you do not consistently feel it. In some cases you can even use the inversion table to reverse any misalignment that can be caused by sports that focus on one side of your body more than the other, like golf, tennis, or squash.