The traditional Asian food has a huge variety to offer and is not only consumed in Asian countries but is loved all over the world. When people are too bored eating the same fast food or local food they are more motivated to give foreign food a try. But Asian food is on the top of the list of almost everyone in Australia and people are crazy for Asian delicacies. Japanese and Vietnamese food is considered to be Sydney’s most favored foreign food and the locals are big fan of it. Phamish in Sydney is one of the top restaurants that offer Vietnamese food. It is a regular sight to see dozens of people lined up outside the restaurant for their turns. Even after getting a table people are seated on shoulder to shoulder on an average day. Its popularity is due to its cost effective and mouthwatering food.

Their top sellers are salt & pepper squid and duck pancakes. Whether its eggplant or tofu their food is created by high quality ingredients and natural sauces. The chefs working there are considered the top chefs of Vietnamese food in Australia. Most Aussies are used to eating dry food and Asian curry is a foreign thing for them. The introduction of such restaurant has helped the locals to fully develop a taste for authentic Asian cuisine. Vietnamese curry might be unique at first try but after some servings it becomes addictive.

Phamish restaurant is known for their generous servings and a single dish is enough for an adult. They serve large portions of chicken with huge pieces of boiled potatoes along with boiled rice. The food is simple in taste and easier to digest to other Asian foods. If you have not yet tried an Asian food in Sydney make sure to check it out.