You are an investor and you hustle for opportunities. That’s the logic we have to follow, and due to that, you need to learn how to buy your first condo.

You could do it on your own, because we know that your experience and knowledge on other areas can help you a lot, but in this article you are going to learn more about them, so you can make a good decision.

It’s a Game Against Time:

Investing in condos is a game against time. You are playing against time, because the later you act the more expensive it will be for you.

If you really want to earn plenty of money, then you need to buy when the prices are low, and it’s when the projects have just been launched to the market. It’s one of the basics of condos brokerage, if you really want to get a condo for a low price then now you know what to do.

Your Options:

Another major aspect of this is to always keep many options in your mind. You should not only go and consider a simple project, you should go and consider many of them.

But the secret of this is to consider many of them, analyze them and take a fast decision. Because if you do, then you can get pretty good deals, which are going to pay off very well.

You can buy your own condo for around $200K, and if you find a very good deal, then you can get it for even $170K-180K. And this way, you can expect to rent it for a whooping $3K+ per month, and this is a pretty good investment in our opinion. This is what you need to invest in, that’s it.