In Your Care

A healthy pet and a safe one should be the motto for all pet lovers out there. When winter strikes, protecting them from the cold falls on us as we have taken up responsibility. Our pets love us with every bit that they can muster and they’ll love us more than we can ever hope to love them. The slightest act on our part for their behalf leaves their faces grinning from ear to ear and it’s hard to replicate that kind of happiness. Feeding them, taking them to the vet and just generally ensuring their overall well-being is part of our duties as pet lovers and owners.

To make sure they don’t fall victim to the effects of the cold such as hypothermia and the like, feed your pets warm meals and clothe them if possible, provided they aren’t against wearing such garments. Dogs need a dog house if they stay outside to keep them warm and comfortable, cats should be given baths in warm water and heated pet beds should be waiting for them when the night falls. A pet’s fur is useful in keeping them warm and serves as their primary form of protection from the cold weather.

As such, it’s recommended to at the very least avoid shaving them if possible during the cold winter months so that they don’t lose their last line defence against the onslaught of cold winds and dreary skies. Pet’s that like to be outside during these harsh months need even more attention as they purposely expose themselves to the cold weather on their own whims. If you’re worried about your pet wandering off as some pets could very well do, you can get them fitted with a GPS tracker so that you never lose sight of them no matter where they go.

Professional Vet Makes a Healthy Pet

Nowadays almost everyone desires for some sort of pet. We see loads of quizzes online just to determine if we’re a cat person or a dog person. Although desiring a pet is very easy and as adults we’re aware that there are many animals in desperate need of adoption. Though acquiring an animal is easy but its care is something not to be taken lightly.

A pet is a huge responsibility and a lot of people tend to take it lightly. Adopting a pet is like taking care of a child. You need to vary of its behavior and health. A regular checkup is always required to maintain that your pet stays it excellent health. When adopting a pet refer to your local vet for immediate checkups.

It is vital that you schedule yearly or even monthly checkups to a professional local vet. Like children pets also require regular dental and medical checkups for that it is important that you schedule the required appointments and take these appointments very seriously.

The internet may showcase a lot of pictures indicating a dog looking scared when told that he’s taking a trip to the vet. In real life the experience is quite different if your local vet knows how to handle your pet correctly, they will form a kind of friendship and those visits won’t be as scary as you think.

Animals are more sensitive to some diseases than humans are. So if you think that the cold isn’t going to bother your pet just because it’s an animal, you may want to think twice.  Some diseases affect your pet quite differently than they affect you. So always be sure to make sure your pet is healthy and take it to the vet regularly or as needed.