We feel that it is our duty to inform people about human growth hormones which are sold by many clinics and companies as people tend to use them without consulting a doctor which is always dangerous. Let us first discuss what human growth hormones are then we can move on to other things. Naturally, every normal body produces human growth hormone and it helps in the growth of different parts and features of the body.

The production of this hormone is plentiful in youth and adolescence but the quantity starts decreasing after a person turns twenty years of age which affects the bodily functions. Due to some health problems, some individuals’ bodies do not grow this particular hormone which has an adverse effect on their body. Now in the above mentioned cases, doctors usually prescribe synthetically made growth hormones which benefit the bodies of individuals who suffer some illness.

The problem is that there are many healthy individuals who take growth hormones for muscle strength, to improve their performance in athletics and to revert back their bodies to its younger state. Skinicity discusses what growth hormones are and many other companies are convinced that growth hormones actually rejuvenate the body; regrowth of hair, functions of the body become perfect, elasticity of skin increases, muscle size and strength increases, decrease in body fat and many other such things. Since many such firms are advertising these things, people are taking growth hormones in bulk without even consulting any professional doctor. The problem is that no study has ever proved that the synthetically produced growth hormone can rejuvenate the body to its younger state which means that the people who take it for this purpose are going in loss. Lastly, extra dosage can cause harm to the body.