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If you have decided that sailing is your thing then it is time that you think about your outfit for the day of sailing. If you are sailing for the first time and have no idea about the dress code of sailing then do not worry because we are here to tell you. Let us begin discussing how one should go out for sailing.


Sailing requires the person to be quick on his feet so it is very necessary that you choose to wear footwear that is soft and easy on the feet. The best option is to wear soft soled flip flops as they will not only provide ease and will also allow the person to move ably.


The same rule of foot wear applies to clothes too; they should be such that they do not constrict the movement of the body and allow the body to experience the wind whipping through. We advise you to wear short clothes made of light fabric so that you get the full advantage of the weather.

Sun Block

Sun protection is essential so make sure that you slather yourself with it and also carry it in your bag.