After finding out the meaning and the cause behind chronic pain, which says that a persistent pain, which is a pain lasting longer than 3 months, is usually pain signals sent by the brain to the receptors due to the damaged nerves in the nervous system, people tend to slack around when it comes to taking proper care of it.

This approach of it being “nothing but an illusion created by the brain” is very wrong, just because the tissues have healed. A simple recovery of tissues and muscles does not mean that the pain is unreal.

What Ignoring It Does
If you choose to simply ignore this pain thinking that it is not in your body but in your brain then it can cause further problems. Ignoring chronic pains can cause extensive damage to your nervous system by constantly keeping them in a state of sending pain messages through the impulse system, other than it being a big obstacle in your daily functioning.

But if it is not a pain due to faulty muscles and cannot be helped by repairing the torn tissues then how do we deal with it, if not ignore it and let “time heal it”?

Diagnosis And Therapy
To answer your question, there does exist a solution contrary to popular belief which choses to just ignore this pain. If you want to get better, it is better to consult to a specialist in this area. For instance, for people in Sydney, they can go to the osteopath Bondi Junction in order to get a diagnosis on the causality behind the problem.

If it is chronic pain, osteopathy can even help reduce the pain and there will be other treatments as well which will make you aware of the problem and help you overcome it the right way.