It is no secret that over the past few years Facebook has pretty much turned into something far bigger and broader than a social media website, Facebook has become a highly used and very important platform for modern society in which people from all over the world come together to socialize, share information and do business.

Developing and enhancing E-businesses has become a major part of Facebook’s business model, the way this website does this is by letting businesses create Facebook pages and by providing them with a well-known platform to advertise through.

Another more recent addition to Facebook’s E-business side has been the growing use of their Facebook Messenger App by businesses to reach their customers. The Facebook Messenger has a significantly higher open and response rate than emails, this has led to businesses starting to send deals, offers and adverts to customers through Facebook messages rather than through emails. The way they do this is pretty simple, there are bot software out there that send and receive messages on the Facebook Messenger on behalf of whatever account they are connected with. These bots are becoming increasingly popular amongst E-businesses since they allow businesses to increase the effectiveness of their ads in a cost effective manner.

One of the best Facebook Messenger bots out there right now is the Funnel Messenger, a bot software designed to be used only with the Facebook Messenger, it is capable of doing a lot to improve your current open rate and increase the amount of customers that you have. This bot has also been authorized by Facebook itself, meaning that you can use it without having to worry about getting into any sort of trouble or running into hiccups as you try to create and engage more customers.