The likelihood of you naturally having perfectly aligned and symmetrical permanent teeth is highly unlikely. In fact, there are only a very few people who can get away with that, which is a bit comforting to know. So, we have all seen a lot of people go through that awkward phase in middle school or in the first year of high school where they awkwardly wore braces and retainers, however, once they were off, they were a completely different person, they had a lot more confidence, and a bigger smile. So, if you are now considering getting your own teeth fixed, your most obvious option is to go for metal braces.

Metal braces have been around for a long time, so you know that they are backed by decades of success. Plus, metal braces are the only known way to be able to treat any degree of misalignment, regardless of how severe it may be. They are also a pretty affordable option, which also adds to their appeal.

However, there are some things you need to keep in mind regarding metal braces. First of all, you need to have the consistency to see it through. The entire process can take upto 2 years, depending from case to case, plus you also have to go to the dentist after every 4-6 weeks to get an adjustment done. This leads upto our second point, which is that braces are painful. In fact, swelling and difficulty eating after each appointment is going to be a common theme. You also have to cut out a few things from your diet like foods that can potentially stick to your teeth or braces, making it difficult to clean or remove. Lastly, people with metal allergies cannot get metal braces. To learn more about metal braces or to book a consultation, you can visit our office at Centerton Orthodontics.