Ontario is one of Canada’s most active and beautiful provinces, populated by people of all kinds and brimming with many architectural wonders, one of its liveliest cities, Mississauga, is particularly popular for the large number of high end luxury condos there. Mississauga is a lot like the heart of Ontario, loaded with things to do and places to go, the real estate there holds a lot of value that is always on the rise due to all the projects going on there. The condo towers in the area are designed and built by a number of high end builders, one of them being Pinnacle International who have their latest condo tower project set for completion in 2020.

Pinnacle International has over 3 decades of experience in building a number of fascinating pieces of architecture, the company already has a few condo towers in the Mississauga area and plans on adding Perla Towers to the list as well. Perla Towers is a very promising project that has a lot to offer, this dual tower project is set to complete one tower in July of 2017, offering 33 storeys of luxurious and spacious condo rooms. The tower will have single bedroom living spaces as well as double bedroom living spaces with dens, every type of condo will come along with parking space and a locker.

The project will also feature a party room, fitness center, 24 hour concierge and an indoor swimming pool, they’ve already started taking bookings and prices start at around $300,000, so if you’re planning on purchasing a condo or want to make an investment then Perla Towers might be a great opportunity. You can visit the project’s website to find out more and make a registration for free if you want to.