If you’re looking for neat ideas on how you can make your house look more interesting as well as how you can increase the living space of your house, then this page is for you. The good news is that you don’t necessarily have to move out or even renovate your house for you to get what you want, you can accomplish nicer, more open living spaces by getting outdoor enclosures built by professionals such as Platinum Outdoors Perth WA, who specialise in these structures.Here are a few outdoor additions that can increase the value and utility of your house without you having to tear down any of the existing building.

Alfresco Areas
These areas are for those of us who REALLY want to take their inside outside; an alfresco is a lot like a patio, but much bigger and with more utilities as well. These are like patio-living rooms with multiple sittings and even a kitchen, giving you a whole new complete living area in your house with a great flow from indoors to outdoors.

Your cars need to be protected from the sun and the weather in general and you can do this while making your house’s front look a whole lot better with a car port. There are many designs and styles of carports that you can get from Platinum Outdoors Perth WA; strike two birds with one stone by getting one of these added to your porch.

Last but not the least, you can really turn the entire look and feel of your house into something else entirely by adding a patio or two wherever you feel like you want to spend time outdoors. These will enlarge your house and give you a nice place to just unwind, closer to the outdoors.