Chimes happens to be one of the best spa retreats around, and it’s made for people who want to go away from their normal life style, and relax a bit. Spa retreats in general are great because they allow everyone to have the proper amount of rest they are looking for without really spending a lot of money.

With that said, today, we are going to take a look at somethings that you should know about the amazing Chimes spa retreat; we are taking a look at some of the packages that are being offered by this amazing spa retreat.

These packages will help you decide what you are looking for and will make the whole selection process a lot easier. They even offer couple weekend getaways by Chimes. So, without wasting anymore time, let’s take a look at some of the most demanded packages offered by Chimes.

Honeymoon Package

This is perhaps one of the more famous packages offered by Chimes, the honeymoon package is basically a 2-day package that is designed specifically for the bride and the groom, with some exclusive amenities that will make the entire experience a lot better than it already is.

Relaxation Package

The relaxation package is basically for people who simply want to relax throughout their weekend; this 2 day and 2-night package is basically for people who are willing to take a detour on the weekend, and spend their time relaxing away in a spa retreat. This is a must try for couples and friends alike.

Girlie Getaway

There’s another great package that is specifically designed for the ladies; the girly getaway package is made for girls who just want to escape the busy life they are living, and have fun with their girlfriend. This package comes with a lot of exclusive amenities as well.