Every building regardless of the size of the structure requires ventilation, that is to be sure that you are not compromising the people who are working inside of that building one way or another. Ventilation can be handled in several different ways.

If you want natural ventilation, Airocle is a way to go. We are one of the largest suppliers and installers of natural ventilation systems and have been in the business for years. There are several services that we provide, and the good thing is that it does not matter the size of the building you want ventilated.

Everything from residential to industrial size is covered, and covered properly. Means that you will not have to worry about how big or small the building is, we will inspect it and make sure it is taken care of. Below are some of the services that we provide.

Assessing The Building
First things first, our team will have to assess the building and draw out a plan. The plan will help us determine where the ventilation is needed the most, and where it can be installed. The time it takes to complete the process depends on the size of the place, and the amount of ventilation required.

The smaller the size, the quicker the assessment, but we do inform the client at every step. Making things easier for them while we do our work.

Ventilation System Installation
The most prominent service that we provide is the installation of the ventilation system. However, there is a process behind that as well. First, we have to visit the building that needs the system installed, and after inspecting it properly, we can start the process. Don’t worry, all the work that needs to be done will be approved by you first.