Facebook is one of the most, if not the most, popular social media websites circling the internet. Its hand has extended to so many different fields and has succeeded indubitably in connecting those of similar interests that to actually not have an account on Facebook is often unheard of. Even if one does not wish to partake in the social activities that Facebook provides, they can still use an account on Facebook for a variety of other things. For instance, some teachers find using the Facebook group option to be the best way to get notifications out to the class room.

Another use for Facebook is for companies to actually reach out to candidates that are interested in working for them. Freelancing is often done via various forms and uses distinctive freelancing websites, but Facebook falls under its scope as well. In the right groups on Facebook, you can find people are interested in doing freelancing work and sometimes the social media site beats out the dedicated freelancing ones in that Facebook itself does not take any form of tax on the agreed salaries. That said, writers, graphic designers, editors and more can find work from companies and some individuals alongside with using Facebook as a social media tool.

Take Sarah on Facebook for example, you can visit her profile at https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100015778539563 and as she works as a freelance writer, you could potentially hire her directly off Facebook itself. A writer’s job is simply that to add relevant content to the employers’ company. As such, you’ll find many people willing to do it though there are a few fields that require more intensive knowledge before being able to write on them. Some employers could even ask for some form of qualification in those fields before being willing to hire someone.