Some people may argue over the worth of buying a cigar and whether it is a rational decision to spend on it or is it just something extra that you do not really need to be looking at. Well, contrary to popular belief, I am here to tell you differently. A good example of common agreement will cigar hunk.

Impressions Matter a Lot

If you are looking to intimidate a client, an employee, an employer or any opposing party, it might be a good idea to focus on your appearance which sends out the unintended message. However, whether people directly look at it or indirectly, psychologically get affected by it, having a cigar in the mouth can be really helpful to claim a figure of authority and danger.

Simply Looking Cool

If you do not know how to make friends with a particular group of people that are above your adventure grade, however, you would like to join them in their crazy ventures, try going up to them with a cigar hanging off of the side of your lip and see whether you gain the importance enough to get the audiences’ attention for a while or not. Smoking cigars is considered quite bad-ass and can get you out of some serious troubles.

An Interesting Use

One of the most funnily interesting fact that I found about the benefits of owning a cigar was cosplay. It goes on a muscular body with mutton chops on the face, an angry look, tilted eye brows and adamantium claws. If you are thinking about Logan or the Wolverine that you are correct. To cosplay as the Hugh Jackman Wolverine, you might not think it is but having a cigar in your mouth is actually very important.