The Sri Lakshmi Narayani Golden temple also known as the golden temple is among the most attractive destination for the visitors of Vellore, people from all over India and so many other countries visit Vellore every year and their prime reason is to visit the golden temple, for the regular visitors it is more related to finding inner peace which many get and for the visitors it is about witnessing the sheer beauty of this golden monument which is actually made of gold, people of India have great affection towards the golden temple and this place has visitors from all over India, the name golden temple is because this age old temple is covered with gold and it glows like a big gold structure, and it is actually a structure covered with pure gold.

The land of temples which is India, a part of their rich cultural heritage is based around these historic temples and these pilgrim sites have great importance in their lives, and the Sripuram Golden temple is the biggest golden temple in the world and since its gate opened in 2007, people from all over the country come to visit the golden temple.

If you are a person who visits temples regularly in India, you must know that each and every temple in India is packed with crowds, and this mesmerizing Golden temple in Vellore, Tamil Nadu is a holy pilgrim site which has visitors from even outside the country, so it is advised that you come prepared here, because you would be seeing a number of people but thankfully the security and management system is really effective, the golden temple Vellore doesn’t allow any gadgets inside or electronic devices inside plus you can’t really carry any edibles in the temple.