Weaves are a godsend really. They allow you to experiment with different types of hair to find one that works for you without having to compromise on your natural hair. A good weave will cost you a couple of hundred dollars and can last upto 2 months and more, however if you really want to make sure that your weave lasts that long, and without causing any damage to your natural hair, you need to take care of it and maintain it. A lot of people tend to think that weaves don’t require taking care of when that is far from the truth. Being made from natural hair, weaves deserve maintenance as well.

• Like your hair, your weave needs to be washed too. It will accumulate dust, debris and other oils and pollutants over the course of days, so you need to wash your weave at least once or twice a week. It is recommended to use a clarifying shampoo to deal with buildup of any sort.
• You also need to condition your weave as well. This is especially important if your weave is curly haired like curly Malaysian hair weaves. Conditioning helps to untangle them, deal with knots, moisturize and add definition to the curls.
• Washing your weave is essential to prevent buildup, at the same time you need to be very careful when it comes to drying your hair as well. You don’t want any moisture in your hair including your braids. Everything should be dry or else your hair will smell or develop a potential infection.
• Sleeping on a satin pillow whilst wearing a scarf will help you to retain moisture and prevent any problems with your braids.
• Do not drench your weave in products because that will only cause your hair to become damp and greasy and look unsightly.