A lot of people may not think of Oklahoma when they think of all the places they want to visit before they die. The city isn’t as glittery and star dusted as Los Angeles and certainly not as blingy as Las Vegas. You might not be able to see Justin Bieber on the streets or leave with lots and money and richer than before. Still Oklahoma has its own charm that undeniably surreal.

Its location gives Oklahoma a mix of traditions, some come from the mid-west and other places and bring on a range of diversity. The major source of money for Oklahoma is its oil wells. History is a big part of Oklahoma and each of its oil well hold its very own tale. So if you’re into stories and tales this is a place you will definitely enjoy. Apart from the oil wells, lots of industries are situated in the city making it a big industrial hub. Apart from that Oklahoma is also home to the Tinker air force base and much more. It might not be the traditional things that tourist look for but it is still very fun and a different sort of activity.

Oklahoma has a mix of people and diversities and holds many exhibitions and activities for its visitors. It might not be a place for the party goers but you may be wrong about that too. People are always looking to have fun in Oklahoma so parties happen all the time. Having so many things at your disposal you will never run out things to do in Oklahoma. It’s a place that has a beautiful atmosphere and so many different things that even though without beaches and mountains. It’s still a lovely place to visit.