Buying a monitor is generally an easy thing to do for people who don’t play a lot of games, or any game at all. However, when it comes to gaming monitors, the entire thing takes a 180-degree turn. That’s because these monitors are a lot more complex than a standard monitor.

When it comes to a gaming monitor, you have to deal with refresh rate, resolution, panel type, and even aspect ratio. If you’re buying a gaming monitor, or planning on one then see this page: for the best gaming monitors. Obviously, buying a gaming monitor for a novice is not that easy, and that is exactly why there are some things you need to keep in mind. Check them out below.

Aspect Ratio

Aspect ratio is a very vital thing that needs to be noted down, there was a time when 16:9 was largely the only aspect ratio in the market, however, nowadays, you also have the 21:9 aspect ratio. 21:9 is also known as ultra wide aspect ratio that is largely on the curved monitors.


The next important factor that you need to keep in mind is obviously the resolution. This is important because 1080p is slowly moving away from the mainstream and is being replaced by 1440p, and 2160p. However, make sure that you have a powerful hardware to drive higher resolutions.


Gaming monitors are packed with features, and while some are definitely gimmicks, some of them are not. For starters, features like AMD’s FreeSync or Nvidia’s G-Sync area definitely not gimmicks, however, they do come at a higher price. These features will sync the monitor’s frame-rate with the game’s frame-rate in order to make the gameplay a lot smoother and stutter free. So, do consider this feature too.