If you have a certain tree in your yard that’s just always been there throughout the time you were growing up, there’s a very good chance that you’re very attached to that tree and would hate to see it go. As the matter of fact, it’s sad to see just about any kind of a tree being cut down, especially if you’ve been used to it being around.

While it’s great that so many people can care that deeply for trees, it’s important to understand when a tree needs to be trimmed for its own good and when it needs to be removed altogether. There can be many reasons for why a tree is becoming troublesome or even dangerous to it’s surroundings and as such, it’s important to know when the only remedy is to remove it.

Tree removal is dangerous and only skilled tree service Florence SC companies who have been doing it for years should attempt to do it wherever needed. Here are a few reasons why a tree might need removal.

It’s Unhealthy or Damaged

Trees can live for even thousands of years and they can cope with their own problems most of the times; however, there are some forces of nature that can make them weak. Dead or dying trees are dangerous because they’re losing their structural integrity and can fall at any time. If there’s a storm damaged or unhealthy tree that’s not going to get better, it’s got to go before someone gets hurt.

It’s Growing Against Structures AndUtility Lines

Tree branches and roots can damage or obstruct power lines and even buildings, which is dangerous. In some cases, the tree’s growth can be influenced in a way that solves the problem without killing the tree but in other cases, it’s best to remove the tree; your tree service Florence SC Company knows best.