People are becoming more and more aware of Manuka honey and have begun to actively seek it out nowadays. For any person who does not know what Manuka honey is, it is a special type of honey that is produced only in New Zealand from the flowering Manuka trees. The reason this honey has become so widely known and wanted is because of how great it is for health. While all honeys have some health quality, none can reach the healing ability and regenerating ability of the Manuka honey. This honey also has a lot of therapeutic qualities and provides a lot of supplements to whoever consumes it.

You can understand why this honey is so sought after in an ever more health conscious world. However what you might not know is that there are a lot of fake versions of this honey being sold internationally. Since this is only produced in New Zealand it is not easy to come by or cheap. On a yearly basis, 1700 tons of Manuka honey is produced on average in New Zealand but about 10,000 tons of it is sold and consumed worldwide, with 1800 being consumed only in the United Kingdom.

The math is obviously wrong here and this is because fake versions of this rare honey are sold in bulk worldwide. The only real way to tell if the Manuka honey you are buying is real is to check if it has the original UMF rating given to it. UMF is the Unique Manuka Factor and it is a scale to check the purity and healing properties of real Manuka honey. There is an international body called the UMFHA that overlooks this and fake ratings cannot be given. You can go online to to find out which brands have a real rating.