Everyone wants white teeth, but getting this done by a dentist tends to cost a fair bit of money, and people assume that the teeth whitening kits you get at stores do the job just as well so there is no reason to spend the extra cash. However, these teeth whitening kits do not provide nearly the same level of whiteness that professional dentists do.

To start off with, the color of your teeth after using a store bought kit is going to be unnaturally white. Your dentist, on the other hand, would whiten your teeth in such a way that it would look naturally beautiful. They would be white but not paper white. Instead, they would just look healthy and sparkly!

Additionally, the whitening process dentists provide is much longer lasting. Home whitening kits last about a week, whereas a dentist’s whitening process leaves your teeth looking gorgeous for months on end and the white fades gradually as well unlike the rapid yellowing caused by home whitening kits.

Perhaps the single biggest problem that you are going to face with home whitening kits is that you would be putting some pretty harmful chemicals on your body. These chemicals bleach your teeth to give the appearance of whiteness which can erode your enamel, and the tiny amount of chemical you consume can cause digestive problems in the long run. Getting your teeth whitened by a dentist is a great deal safer.

Hence, it is pretty clear that spending a little extra money truly is worth it because the benefits you get are astronomical. You can visit this site to schedule an appointment and get your teeth looking fantastic with the help of some who knows what he is doing: http://www.allthingsdrbobbi.com.