A lot of people seem to have this idea that if a tooth goes missing then they do not really need to get it replaced, especially if it is a tooth in the back part of your mouth. The reason behind this is that a lot of people just think of teeth implants as cosmetic procedures and nothing else. The truth however is that without a tooth implant after you have lost a tooth, a lot can go wrong for you. Now it does not matter if you lost a tooth because it became infected, broke away, or because of tooth decay or gum disease, getting a tooth replaced will be necessary to ensure your mouth stays normal otherwise you could end up facing a number of problems.

To read up in detail on why you will want to get a tooth implant put in, you can go online to http://www.fremantlesmiles.com.au/ and read all about the procedure, why it is necessary, and what the different reasons are that a dental implant will be a better option than something like a dental bridge. The most dangerous problem is that without a tooth on top connected to it, the jaw bone underneath your teeth can begin to simply wither away. The teeth are necessary when it comes to preserving your jaw bone, without the stimulation provided by the teeth going through the roots the jaw bone begins to decay and eventually it spreads to the rest of your jaw as well. This is a very dangerous situation as you will no longer have a jaw bone after a while and this will affect the rest of your facial features too as things will not stay preserved the way they are supposed to and will even cause your teeth to move around in your mouth.