Atithi came into existence because of the passion of two people in two different

continents. They are Mr Abhishek Roy known as ROY and Dr Dipankar Bose. Guess

what happens when a Chef meets a doctor— Clean food.

Having graduated with a Hotel Management diploma from Calcutta, ROY completed a

three year rigorous ‘on the job’ training where in he honed his skills in various regional

cuisines of India. At Taj hotels, the leading premium hotel chains in India where he

worked for over 5 years he developed his strong knowledge base and skill set. He

later went off to Gain International experience by joining Commercial Shipping lines

where he worked in the kitchen for few years.

Roy came to the United States of America and successfully managed a restaurant,

Sahib in Seattle and then joined the team of Maurya Indian Cuisine as the Executive

Chef up until November 2008. During his time, Roy won various awards for Maurya

which included

Winning best appetizer and entrée 2008 dine out by Vancouver tourism
2nd position by Vancouver magazine
Best seller in VANCOUVER BITE
Roy has now teamed up with his Brother –in Law who is a Consultant

Anaesthesiologist and Intensive care Consultant in the United Kingdom and started

the new Venture atithi. Presently the strength of the venture lies with the fact that it

is a complete family run unit. Roy is supported by his other half Lopa. Roy being the

perfectionist manages the back-end and Lopa provides the warm and homely touch in

the front and looks after the minute needs of the guests, the atithi.

Besides being Brothers-in–law, the common factor between both of us is a passion for

Good food which is reflected by our sizes. Food is the religion we believe in and we

have the insatiable need to explore pure Classical Indian food, cook them in a healthy

way and of course pass on this sublime experience to our Honoured Guests; atithi.

Please come and share this experience with us.

‘Atithi Devo Bhavah’‘Guest is GOD’