2445 Burrard St. Vancouver, BC V6J 3J3
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Abhi-nan-dan (Welcome)

We wish to welcome our atithi (Honoured Guest) in our humble restaurant to cherish the moments spend here with us. We hope to entertain you and your fine palate with the subtle and exotic taste of Indian culinary delights.

We are only a small place with high quality. Our ambition is to prepare the delights, fresh and fragrant using local produce in the most authentic way possible. The delicacies range from the Kashmir in the north to Kerala in the south, Bengal in the east to Rajasthan in the west. We take pride in preparing the dishes with minimal fat and almost no artificial colourings. We are also very careful in selecting our ingredients and try our best to exclude any Class II preservatives hence the authentic home-cooking style of dining is achieved by us.

We welcome you once again as our distinguished and honoured guest our 'atithi'

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